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No matter how many safety feature your car is equipped with, it’s the tyres that determine how your vehicle performs on snow or ice.

At, Martini Tyre Services, we are not only committed to providing you with the best of winter tyres in Hickman Avenue but also help you pick the right tyres for your car. We understand the importance of driving safely on the winter roads when the temperature starts to drop.

Why shop winter tyres from us?

Your car holds onto the road surface on 4 contact areas that are of the size of your palm. From steering to acceleration and braking – tyres play a vital role. Our collection of winter tyres are tested and built to keep you safe when driving on winter roads. The best place to buy these winter tyres in Hickman Avenue is at Martini Tyre Services. Our garage not only sells tyres from leading brands but also offer reliable services as well.

You can also shop our winter tyres online through our official store. Once you’re done selecting, you can place an order using our garage’s quick and simple payment options. Your order will then be delivered to your address within 7 working days.

You’ll find our winter and snow tyres affordable. Feel free to visit us today to check our extensive collection of tyres of different make and model.

Performance winter tyres

From Bridgestone –

  • Blizzak LM-25
  • Blizzak LM001

From Goodyear –

  • Eagle Ultra Grip GW-03
  • Ultra Grip 8 performance

Snow car tyres

From Goodyear –

  • Ultra grip Winter
  • Extreme grip winter

Studless snow tyres

From Dunlop –

  • Winter Maxx WM01
  • Winter Maxx WM02

From Pirelli –

  • Ice Zero FR
  • Winter Cinturato

From Continental –

  • ContiWinter Contact TS800
  • WinterContact SI

All of these snow and winter tyres in Hickman Avenue offer maximum traction on snow or ice. Moreover, they provide exceptional handling and cornering on wet, slushy roads.

Visit us and experience the delectable variety that we have to offer.

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