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Heung A tyre company, established in 1942, had an unsure future at the start. This Korean tyre manufacturing company became a colossal name in the market when it met its fate in 2000 and was renamed as Nexen. The company has never looked back since, and is only pacing forward.

It has increased its budget on the research and development of its tyres, and hence, came up with many innovations that have greatly helped the overall tyre technology. The technologies at its disposal have inspired us, here at Martini tyres, to store them in bulk. We felt the need to save most of the models by Nexen because of the increasing inquiries about Nexen tyres in Hickman Avenue.

If you are new to Nexen and its brand value, we would like to provide you with the following points on why you should choose Nexen Tyres for your vehicle:

Unparalleled research

Nexen makes use of its research facilities in Europe, America, China, as well as in its base centre Yangsan, South Korea, in coming up with excellent innovative ideas that help the whole tyre industry.

Some of the best inventions of Nexen tyres are:

  • The Green Hive Concept Tyre
  • Stratified Silicate Nano-composite Dedicated to UHP
  • N'blue ECO tyre
  • Winguard Winspike SUV tyres

A diamond among all Gems

Nexen has earned various awards while competing with the giants in the tyre manufacturing industry. Nexen tyres, as mentioned earlier, invest highly in its research department, which is reflected in the quality of tyres it offers.

Some of the awards it has won over the years are:

  • IF Design Award (2011)
  • Dot Design Award (2012)
  • G-Mark (2013)
  • IDEA Award (2014)

Choice as the Original Equipment: Nexen tyres have not only our confidence but also the faith and trust of the biggest brands in the car manufacturing market. They serve as the original equipment providers for vehicles like Porsche’s compact luxury SUV Macan, Volkswagon Jetta, Porsche Cayenne and more.

Supreme warranty and exceptional customer service

Nexen offers a warranty known as "Total Coverage"; it covers most of the things in a tyre including tread wear mileage warranty, 2-Year limited road hazard warranty, and 36-month roadside assistance. It believes in the quality of its tyres and always strives to evolve the market.

Another great thing when you purchase Nexen is its customer service. It is a company of dedicated individuals. Be it research, manufacturing, or customer service; they deliver the best. Nexen customer service is known worldwide for its swift problem-solving. The team looks after the customers with the utmost care and supports each customer until the problem or issue is not solved.

If you are looking to buy Nexen tyres Hickman Avenue, then don't waste any more time; book them online with us today! We, Martini tyres store top models from Nexen according to the driving needs of the drivers, here in Hickman Avenue. So, the next time you are looking to buy a set of tyres, do visit our facility and check out our collection.



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