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Being the world’s top manufacturer, Michelin has carved out a niche for itself in developing cutting-edge tyres with a heavy emphasis on optimising driving performance and safety. At, Martini Tyre Services, we offer you a wide range of cheap Michelin car tyres in Hickman Avenue.

Our in-house technicians the best of Michelin for you –

A. Sports range from Michelin

Built for hyper sports vehicles, these range of Michelin tyres offer unmatched performance when it comes to speed and handling. Go for –

  • Pilot Super Sport ZP
  • Pilot Super Sport 4 ZP
  • Pilot Sport PS2
  • Pilot Sport A/W 3 N-Spec
  • Pilot Sport A/S 3+ (H- or V- speed rated)

Featuring Dynamic Response technology, this tyre ensures excellent handling and cornering capability. Go for these Michelin car tyres in Hickman Avenue for excellent steering control and sharp braking under both wet and dry road conditions.

You can buy these tyres in bulk from Martini Tyre Services at affordable rates.

B. CrossClimate range from Michelin

With these all-season models from Michelin, brace to tackle every weather situations. Take your pick from –

  • Pilot Primacy Cup 2
  • Pilot Sport N-spec
  • Pilot Cross Climate +
  • Premier MXM4
  • Primacy Tour A/S
  • Cross climate SUV

Constructed from a unique mix of rubber and nano-silica compounds – these Michelin car tyres in Hickman Avenue are designed to enhance the level of traction on almost all-weather conditions. Grab these cross climate variants at exclusive deals this fall from Martini Tyre Services.

C. Street Special

These Michelin tyre variants provide a unique combination of superior grip and durability even on the most challenging roads.

Choose from –

  • 4X4 Diamaris
  • Latitude Diamaris
  • Latitude Sport 3 ZP
  • Pilot Sport 3 SUV
  • Latitude Sport 4 ZP

These street special Michelin tyres reduce the risk of losing control in muddy and other harsh terrains. The tyres' unique tread pattern not only provides added traction on all road conditions but also reduces noise for a comfortable drive.

Why us?

We at Martini Tyre Services, only sell 100% genuine Michelin tyres along with manufacturer’s warranty. You can also buy these Michelin tyres online for your convenience.



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