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With a stellar service for over 125 years, Dunlop has been synonymous with tyre development and innovation. Born out of racing DNA, Dunlop has induced the motorsport innovations into passenger vehicles. This makes them an unbeatable choice when it comes to both sports and standard automobiles tyres.

Martini Tyre Services stocks Dunlop’s economic and performance tyres to suit every motorist’s need.

Check out the Continental car tyres in Hickman Avenue that made etched quite a name –

  • Dunlop Sport BluResponse 3R II

Employing Dunlop's industry-leading Short Braking Block technology – the Sport BluResponse 3R II makes you feel safe when you're behind the wheel. This braking technology improves the road contact under sharp braking, forcing you to come to a complete halt on both dry and wet roads.

This tyre has –

a. Asymmetric tread pattern

b. Nano-coated silica throughout the rubber surface

c. Large unilateral grooves for dispersing water quickly and prevent aquaplaning

The tyre’s BluResponse technology minimises the rolling resistance allowing you to save on fuel and effectively reduce noise emission as well. Among all economic variants of Continental car tyres in Hickman Avenue, the Sport BluResponse 3R II made the highest rating for its efficiency and dependability.

  • Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D

This performance winter tyre features –

a. 4D sipes across the tread surface give it a biting edge on the ice or snow

b.Specially developed nylon compound that ensures that the tyre holds its flexibility even under sub-zero temperatures

c. Multi-radius tread technology which helps the tyre to maintain its shape

All of these features make this tyre the most popular all other Continental car tyres in Hickman Avenue. You can bag a great deal on this tyre if you shop with at Martini Tyre Services.

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For choosing the right tyres for your vehicle, you can count on Martini Tyre Services to help you with the process. We also sell Continental tyres online to make the availing process quick and hassle-free.



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