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Car tyres come in different sizes. Every make and model of cars have a specific tyre size that it is compatible with. One should not fit tyres on their vehicles that do not correspond to the required tyre size for their particular model.

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How to read tyre size?

Have you noticed some seemingly random number and alphabets inscribed on the sidewalls of your existing car tyres? That is the size of your tyres. Here’s a guide on how to read it.

A typical car tyre size looks something like 245/70 R22 V. Let’s break them down digit by digit and understand what they represent.

245: It represents the width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall. It is in millimetres.

70: It represents the aspect ratio, which is the ratio between the tyre’s width and the length of its sidewall. In other words, it expresses the length of that tyre’s sidewall as a percentage of its width. In this example, the sidewall is 70% of 245mm in height.

R: This letter is representative of the type of tyre construction. R stands for radial. The other kind of construction is bias-ply.

22: This number depicts the diameter of the rim this particular set of tyres is compatible with. It is in inches.

You may find your car’s compatible tyre size on your owner’s manual or your OEM tyre’s sidewalls. Make sure that you buy a new set of tyres that exactly matches your car’s compatible size.

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