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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


Maintenance of tyre pressure is essential to keep up the overall tyre performance. Correctly inflated tyres have a longer life; give improved steering response as well as smoother rides, among other advantages.

To make sure that your car tyres are properly inflated all year through, Martini Tyre Services brings tyre pressure check in Hickman Avenue. Our trained professionals with their uncanny expertise to identify and monitor any changes in tyre pressure make sure to keep a check on inflation level in your car tyres.

If you feel your car tyre pressure is off-track, bring it to us at Martini Tyre Services and let our experts make sure that they are properly inflated. Get it examined and quickly fixed so that you can move on to the next vehicle check planned on your list.

    Signs that call for a check on tyre pressure:

    You may look forward to a tyre pressure check in Hickman Avenue in one of the following circumstances.

    • The light of your tyre pressure monitoring system (TMPS) is on
    • Your car tyres are more rounded on the sides and bear a deflated look
    • You get a squealing noise from the tyres while taking a turn

    What does our tyre pressure check include?

    At Martini Tyre Services, you get a complete check on all four of your car tyres which includes –

    • Examining them for under or over inflation
    • Inspection of your car tyres in Hickman Avenue for any sign of damage related to incorrect inflation
    • Matching the tyre inflation level with manufacturer recommendation for your vehicle model

    The importance of tyre pressure check

    • It is essential to make sure the tyres have proper inflation for several reasons –
    • It improves vehicle handling and safety
    • The vehicle runs with an improved fuel economy
    • Treadwear decreases, thus adding more years to the tyres’ shelf life
    • Proper inflation also reduces braking distance, thus helping with efficient braking

    So, do you see the TMPS light blinking or your car tyres feeling unusually soft while driving? Maybe it’s time you gave a visit to our service centre for a tyre pressure check! We are open on all weekdays.

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