Tyre Labelling

The EU tyre label is a tool that measures a tyre based on some important parameters. Since November 2012, every tyre sold within Europe has to mandatorily display its EU tyre rating. At Martini Tyre Services, we stock an exhaustive range of tyres, all with their appropriate EU rating.

Why the EU label matters?

Over the past few decades, the number of cars has gone up alarmingly. There are over 38 million cars in Britain alone. For the entirety of Europe, the number is a staggering 299 million. There is a growing environmental concern about the consequences of this excessive growth. Cars have already replaced industrial discharge as the leading source of greenhouse emission.

Under these circumstances, it is essential to implement some measures that can bring down vehicular emission. The EU tyre label is a step in that direction. It rates tyres in Hickman Avenue based on three parameters:

  • Rolling resistance (rated on a depreciating scale of A to G)
  • Wet grip (rated on the same scale as rolling resistance)
  • Noise emission (assessed by a three-wave symbol)

A tyre that is rated A on rolling resistance and wet grip will deliver the best fuel economy and braking performance of a car. Lower-rated tyres cannot match their level of performance.

Of course, tyres in Hickman Avenue that have above-par EU tyre rating cost marginally higher. However, in the long run, they are more cost effective as you save quite a lot on fuel. The superior handling performance is a bonus.

Where can you buy the best EU label tyres in Hickman Avenue?

Martini Tyre Services is a trusted place where you can find the most well-rated tyres in this region. We offer these tyres at the most pocket-friendly price points. Visit us today and leave with a set of superior quality tyres.

You may call us beforehand to check availability; we are open for business on all working days.

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