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puncture repair

As an authorised seller of tyres from reputed brands and a specialised tyre fitting centre, Martini Tyre Services provides puncture repairs with professional expertise. We come with an expert team that provides puncture repairs in Hickman Avenue for all types of tyres.

Considering the necessity for tyre safety, we check the damage level of your punctured car tyres. Depending on the damage level like splits or sidewall damage, our experts suggest whether it is safe to repair the puncture or should the damaged tyre be replaced.

It is essential to go for tyre inspection on time and get an expert repair in case of sudden tyre deflation or puncture.

At Martini Tyre Services, we take up the following course of action for tyre repair in Hickman Avenue

  • Dismounting the tyres and inspecting them to identify the cause of tyre pressure reduction.
  • We follow it with repairs that strictly comply with industry standards
  • Patching and plugging of tyres from inside for a suitable puncture repair
  • Mounting them back and performing tyre and wheel balancing for accurate fitting
  • Reactivating of the TMPS, if it is present in the vehicle model

With these steps, we ensure proper puncture repairs in Hickman Avenue. With an expert team at disposal, we also offer a free drive-in tyre pressure check for your vehicle. Also, our repair charges are competitive.

When should you go for tyre replacement?

Since all tyre punctures are not repairable, tyres need replacement in certain circumstances. Check them out.

  • When its structural integrity has been compromised, or it has run flat
  • If the tyre rubber has cracks, is worn or deteriorated with tread depth below 1.6mm
  • When the puncture has caused severe external damage
  • If the tyre cords are exposed
  • If there’s a faulty repair that has resulted in a tyre puncture

All these circumstances call for replacement of your car tyres instead of puncture repair. You don’t need to worry though as we come with a large stock of tyres suitable for various budgets.

Got a damaged tyre? You don’t need an appointment with us; drive straight to Martini Tyre Services for a quick fix.

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