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For motorists who enjoy a spirited ride require performance tyres. These tyres are derived from the racing DNA and designed optimally to rock the fastest sports cars in the market. Whether you own a Lamborghini, Ferrari or a Porsche – these performance tyres in Hickman Avenue can take on the speediest turning and pit-stop braking effortlessly.

We, at Martin Tyre Services, stock a hand-picked variety of performance car tyres to suit your racing instinct.

Why visit our garage?

Apart from stocking high-performance tyres from major brands like Goodyear, Michelin, Dunlop and Continental – we also provide tyre pressure check, tyre fitting services all under one roof. At, Martin Tyre Services, you’ll only find 100% genuine performance tyres at affordable prices.

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From Bridgestone

  • Expedia S-01
  • Potenza RE040 Sport
  • RE71 Denloc
  • G-Force Denloc

These performance tyres in Hickman Avenue sport reinforced sidewalls and internal structures for maximum durability. The sipes are at a minimum to promote low rolling resistance and achieve tremendous speeds. Furthermore, the tyre treads feature a uni-lateral groove pattern that displaces water quickly and eliminates the chances of hydroplaning.

From Dunlop

  • Direzza DZ102
  • SP Sport 01 DSST
  • SP Sport 01
  • SP Sport 2050
  • SP Raptor ZMR

The speciality of these performance tyres in Hickman Avenue is their arrow-shaped groove pattern for maximum water evacuation and least friction. Moreover, these specialist car tyres can take on maximum heat on the tarmac.

While the reinforced internal structure prevents the tyre from getting deformed, its specialised rubber compounds do not crack even under tremendous friction – making them an ideal choice for speed enthusiasts.

Why buy from Martin Tyre Services?

We strive to provide only the extreme quality performance tyres to our loyal customers. You can also buy these tyres online from our online store.

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